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Topic     vibrational response in airplane’s wings

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I need the paper to be focused on the wings of airplanes. The assignment will be checked in Turn it in, so please do not copy from other websites. Provide the write equations for the vibrational response and the analytical solution and find the required plots. The plots that the previous writer provide are not required. Possible required plots: -non-dimensional amplitude for a range of damping coefficients. -The amplitude of the steady-state displacement In the discussion answer this how does material, or forcing frequency, or location of forcing or system components affect the response? I attached an equation sheet just to give you an idea of the equation used in the class.

The model of an airplane wings is a cantilever beam with stiffness k. I gave the writer the formula but he/she did not use it. The paper should not be hard. The equations that are provided in the paper do not fulfill the requirement of the assignment. Basically, I need the analytical solution of vibrational response of airplanes NOT analytical solution for the motion of airplanes. There is a big miss understanding and that makes the results of the paper irrelevant to the project. Let the writer check this website


For the model tell that writer that the model for an airplane is a cantilever beam with a stiffness

k= 3EI/L^3

If the writer has any question regarding the project please let me know


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