Value of interactive ads for video advertising and digital marketing

Word count: 1500  +/-10% words

Report structure:

1.       Chosen topic: Not necessary to be your final dissertation topic.

2.       Research background:  Students should conduct literature review and clarify research objectives/questions based on the chosen topic (Max. 300 words)

3.       Research design : Students should explain which research design(s)  is/are adopted and explain why this is appropriate for the chosen topic

4.       Chosen samples: Students should explain who is the target group, how do they select samples (sampling method) and sample size. Students can choose either qualitative, or quantitative or mixed methods. The minimum size of survey is 30 and minimum size of interview is 5. Finally, students must justify their choice.

5.       Research instrument: Students should explain the measurement items if chosen research is survey and describe/explain why the questions of survey questionnaire are chosen.  The interview questions/guide should be explained and justified. The length of survey/interview questions is flexible.

6.       Data analysis: Students should explain which method is chosen to analyse data and why this method is chosen.  For quantitative data analysis, students should explain what kind of analyses would be undertaken and why these statistics are chosen. For Interviews, students should clarify which analytical method is chosen and explain why. Hypotheses testing may not be necessary for quantitative data.

7.       Results: For qualitative results, students should report findings and include transcription in the appendices. For quantitative data, SPSS results should be demonstrated and explained. (Max. 500 words)

8.       References: Students should read up-to-date  relevant journal articles as well as  the textbooks/academic articles  in relation to the chosen methodology. (Min.  20 references)


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