For this Assignment, imagine you are the head of research at a large urban hospital associated with a major university. The hospital has the chance to hire a doctor who is doing ground-breaking but controversial research on the cloning of humans. Specifically, he is known for creating “spare parts” children. Here is how it works: In a few cases where parents have had one child with a serious disease, they have used in vitro fertilization to create embryos so that they can have a second child that can act as a future, tailor-made blood or bone marrow donor. When the “spare parts” child is born, he or she will be healthy and can help his or her older brother or sister stay well on an “as-needed” basis by donating the needed blood or marrow. The potential exists to use the child to donate other organs that require a genetic match, such as kidneys.The hospital’s Board of Trustees, comprised of doctors, lawyers, academics, and clergy is divided on whether the hospital should hire the doctor. Assignment:Write a 3–4 page position paper in which you argue whether or not to hire the doctor.As you formulate you position, you should:
Review the “Three Farewells: Medicine & the End of Life” video located at
Write your position paper as though you were making the presentation to the panel of doctors, lawyers, academics, and clergy in the video, which has the ultimate authority to accept or reject the course of action you recommend. The question is whether or not the doctor should be hired to serve on the hospital staff full-time to provide the service of creating "spare parts" children in the future as needed. 
Support your opinion with the ethical and moral principles you have studied

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