Unit 1 Assignment: Defining Healthcare Settings and Integrated Delivery System.

Unit Outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

· Recognize legal and regulatory issues in healthcare

· Understand the basic uses of financial information in decision making.

· Identify the role of finance in health care organizations

Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:

HS440-1: Describe the current financial environment in healthcare and its influence on decision making.

In Unit 1 we discussed an integrated delivery system and how it consists of a number of different types of healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, owned and operated as a single entity. Although integrated delivery systems offer the opportunity to coordinate all aspects of patient care under a single “umbrella,” their complexity makes the overall management process much more difficult than in smaller organizations that focus on one type of service.

a. Briefly describe the following healthcare settings:

· Hospitals

· Ambulatory care

· Home health care

· Long-term care

· Integrated delivery systems

b. What benefits are attributed to integrated delivery systems?

c. What are the challenges/drawbacks to implementing integrated delivery systems?

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