The goal of this essay is to analyze a TV show(series), film, or meme. We want to look at what emerges in the artifact: What’s being said and what it’s saying about our large society. Welcome to discuss not just the signs and symbols but also thematic elements(particularly in TV shows or films). What themes emerge in the course of the program/film? Begin the body of the essay with a short summary of the TV show, film, or meme, provide a description of the major characters(where relevant), identify the platform and target audience, and provide any useful information about history/length of series run/etc. For memes, identify where you found the meme, how it has been shared, and what its topic is (politics, sports, celebrities/media, food, etc)Consider the signs and symbols but also consider characters, setting, and/or theme as well. What are the signs and symbols telling us about the artifact, and what kind of commentary is it making on contemporary culture?

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