Overview: This paper asks you to use course concepts and readings to analyze a televised depiction of gender and/or sexuality. Choose option #1 below. Regardless of the option:

1. Your essay should demonstrate meaningful engagement with TWO readings (see below for readings information), selectively quoting the readings to develop your analysis and prove your argument about the episode you have analyzed.

2. Support your interpretation of the episode’s depiction of gender and sexuality with concrete description of the plot, dialogue, the mise-en-scene of specific scenes, cinematography, AND editing from the episode.

3. Conclude your essay by reflecting on how the genre of the TV show that this episode is from may enable or limit the depiction of gender or sexuality.

The TWO readings that you need to use is by Susan J. Douglas:

Susan J. Douglas, Enlightened Sexism: The seductive message that feminism’s work is done. NY: Times Books (2010)

1. Fantasies of power
2. Sex “R” Us

Option #1: Using Susan Douglas’ concept of enlightened sexism and embedded feminism, analyze the depiction of gender, sexuality, or heterosexual romance on the episode 2 called, “Vagina Panic” of the season 1 TV show “Girls”. Consider the “agency” that the character(s) display (e.g., consider economic, sexual, physical, intellectual, and/or political agency).Need a Professional Writer to Work on this Paper and Give you Original Paper? CLICK HERE TO GET THIS PAPER WRITTEN

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