1. What is the relevance of this topic to the transportation planning process?
  2. How do state and metropolitan plans incorporate these topics into their process?  
  3. Develop an outline of a potential presentation and key talking points to a board for discussing the importance of your selected issue and the need to incorporate it into the planning process.




  1. Entire report content – between six and ten pages.
  2. Use 11 point Times New Roman font and double-spaced paragraphs on one-inch margins.
  3. Use section headings and page numbers.  Section headings can have 13 point font size.
  4. Provide charts and/or figures as appropriate.
  5. Cite references and/or website addresses (with download date).
  6. Grading – Each question is worth a third of the total score.
  7. Grammar and spelling will be a factor.

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