Scenario: An insurance company has hired you to do an evaluation of their training program. They are particularly concerned about the new hire training for new insurance agents. This training teaches the agents about all of the different policies offered by the company for life, auto, home and health insurance. The current situation is that the company is paying the agents $300 a week while they are in training. The training courses last 8 weeks. The instructors are paid $5000 for the 8 weeks. Other overhead expenses include site rental, supplies, equipment etc are approximately $3000. At the end of the training the agents are assigned a trained agent to work with for 2 weeks (at the same pay level) and then they are assigned a territory. 45% of the agents trained quit before the end of the time with the trained agent. Another 20% quit or are fired within the first 3 months on the job. The company needs to find out what needs to be done to improve their hiring and training practices so that they retain more of the agents trained.

Your assignment is to develop a plan of what data to collect and how to analyze it to gain the necessary information for the company to make a decision. Be sure to include both qualitative and quantitative data in the plan and identify which is which. Explain what data you will collect, who you will collect it from, how you will collect it, why it is needed and whether it is quantitative or qualitative. You are not to make recommendations about solutions to the problem as you do not have any data collected to base those conclusions on. You are simply planning what data needs to be collected so recommendations can be made after it is collected and analyzed. Include a discussion of how you will use technology in data collection for this project. Provide the plan using appropriate outside sources to help justify your choice of data to collect.

Variety of appropriate data to collect
Plans for analysis
Use of Technology
Use of appropriate outside supporting sources

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