Draft Interview Sheet


As a paralegal, you will be asked frequently to conduct or to sit in on client interviews, whether initial consultations or follow-up or phone-based interviews. Taking the time before client meetings to draft a list of questions will help you not only to be prepared to make the most efficient use of everyone’s time but also will provide a starting point for identifying some of the potential legal actions, issues, and defenses involved.


Keep in mind you probably will have more questions that need to be answered once the client has given you the information you requested, so you need to plan accordingly with your time and materials.


Week 1 Tasks


Your supervising attorney asks you to interview John regarding his potential lawsuit. Draft an interview sheet. It should include the questions you will ask him to determine whether your law firm should represent John in his case. Additionally, identify at least three (3) others you will want to interview.


On a separate page, cite all sources using the Bluebook. Note: The Project assignment is completed incrementally on a weekly basis. Please retain this project for your portfolio.

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