Research Paper and PowerPoint

Topic: Object-Oriented Data Modeling

Paper: 10-12 pages

PowerPoint: 10-12 slides

Required to write a 10-12 page research paper on a topic related to advanced data modeling. It is important to remember that there is a significant difference between a research paper and a report. A research paper involves researching a topic and using the research to derive a conclusion. It must show effort and insight.

Provide a 10 to 12 slide presentation of your Research Paper.

· Introduction Slide

· Describe the problem/topic

· Importance of Topic

· Content (5 Slides)

· Lessons Learned

· Conclusion


The paper should be 10-12 pages in length, not including figures, tables, or references.


The paper should be organized in a format that could be submitted to a journal for presentation. It should include an abstract, key words, the body, and the bibliography. At least three references from peer-reviewed journals (e.g., IEEE, ACM, available from the UMUC Library) are required. The title, your name, and page number should be at the top of each page.  Do not include a title page or table of contents.


One inch margins (top, bottom, sides); Times New Roman or Arial12 point font; Double spaced; Running head with title, name, and page numbers 

 The objective of the paper is to "research" the topic. It is not to do a design.


· The format for the paragraph reference is (author_last_name, date_of_article). For articles sourced from the web, the format for the reference must be in accordance with APA format.

· Each reference must appear in the bibliography at the end.

· The bibliography should be listed in alphabetical order.

· References that were not used in the text of the paper should not be in the bibliography.

· Do not use more than 5 words directly from a source without quotation marks to avoid plagiarism.

Criteria for Paper Grade:

1. Compliance with APA format

2. Original work for this class

3. Creativity

4. Analysis of technical material

5. Writing ability

6. Mastery of data modeling concepts

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