This project has three parts:

Part 1: An analysis of your organization’s IT infrastructure and related processes from an external stakeholder’s perspective.

This document should have three categories: Strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. Identify two facets of your IT infrastructure for each category, and then explain and discuss them. So, under ‘strengths’, you would list two facets of your IT infrastructure that an external stakeholder would consider a strength, two facets that they would consider a weakness, and two that they would consider to be an opportunity. Strengths and weaknesses are self-explanatory; for “opportunities”, I recommend looking at changes/initiatives the organization could undertake to improve the IT infrastructure. Each of these entries should consist of a minimum of one substantial paragraph (4-5 sentences), so Part I in total should be approximately 6-9 paragraphs.

Part 2: The same as Part 1, only here you are looking at the IT infrastructure from an internal stakeholder’s perspective.

Part 3: You have identified 12 factors of your IT infrastructure in the preceding two sections of this assignment (four strengths total, four weaknesses, and four opportunities). Choose three of these factors and compose a detailed summary on how you will improve/exploit this factor to increase your organization’s competitive stance (by ‘detailed’ I mean a minimum of 200 words or so for each factor). For example, say you choose one of the strengths: What kind of organizational changes can we undergo to maximize the value of this strength? If you choose a weaknesses, discuss what changes we can make to eliminate or mitigate this weaknesses. If you choose an opportunity, discuss what we can/should do to exploit this opportunity.


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