Threat and Hazard Identification Assignment

Begin this assignment by selecting an Institute of Higher Education. This IHE may be one you are familiar with / employed by, or a completely separate one. Using the tools provided in this course and your own research, conduct a threat and hazard identification analysis for the selected IHE. This assignment must include the following items (at minimum):

• Introduction / Purpose
• List of Threats and Hazards
• Ranked List (based on likelihood/probability and significance/consequence)
• Context Description
• Mitigation and Vulnerability Reduction Recommendations
• Special Considerations for Emergency Operations Plan Development (i.e. special needs populations on campus, institution geography, availability of internal and external resources)
• References
Your sources of information must be properly cited using American Psychological Association (APA) format. It is anticipated that this assignment will be approximately 3000-4000 words. There is no page requirement but rather a guideline to properly scope the thoroughness of your analysis.

See “Threat and Hazard Identification Grading Matrix” in the Syllabus for the detailed rubric which will be used to evaluate this assignment.

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