There are two questions in this assignment:
Question 1. About an EHR system, MEDCIN, introduced in Chapter 7 of the text and demonstrated on the publisher’s companion website.

1.1. To watch the demo video, click this link to watch the video directly MEDCIN student edition software demo.

1.2. Learn more about MEDCIN engine at, the company that developed it.

1.3. Describe Medicin as an EHR system AND as a nomenclature with the information you get from the demo video, the company website, content in Chapter 7, and other sources you find.

Question 2. About EHR systems.

2.1., This is a list of open-source healthcare software. Pick two EHR systems from the list or from other sources you find.

2.2. Read the introduction, watch the demo video and/or run the demo from the product intro website if available.

2.3. Describe what you like and dislike, and/or anything impressive about the two EHR systems you investigated.
Submission requirements:

1.File type: submit Word document file.
2.Be sure to have your name, class#, due date, and assignment question in your paper.
3.Font etc.: Times New Roman, font size 12, regular document margin, double space.
4.Be sure to cite your sources used in your paper. Use APA style for citation.(3 or more).

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