Your task for this assignment is to create a power point document (saved as PDF) with main points and analysis of one of the theorists below.


Your PPT presentation should include at least 6 slides (not including title and references), with the first slide being a title page and your last page being a reference/works cited page of the work used to complete your analysis.


 If your last names begins with the letter A-I, then you are to complete your analysis on the first name(s).  


 1. Freda Adler 




This means, locate any resources (except Wikipedia), preferably peer-reviewed research, and synthesize the arguments of these major theorists on your ppt slides.


Aside from the title and reference pages, you should dedicate the others slides to the following:


a. one slide to the major theoretical perspective for which the author represents according to the lectures (e.g. biological)


b. another slide to the author’s major argument or theory 


c. another slide to major terms/concepts associated with their theories as they related to women and the CJS


d. and one slide dedicated to at least one major criticism or critique of their argument.


After completing all slides, you are to SAVE AS in PDF format. Just click “file” and the “save as PDF” in the drop box. Lastly, make certain that your reference page includes at least two (2) correctly formatted citations.

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