The Origin Of The Two-Party System And Why It Is Important

Based on the scenario and the knowledge gained from this section, address the following:


Discuss one effect that the two-party system of the U.S. has on the political interests of American citizens. Suggest one reason why the two-party system has regulated the emergence and successful contention of a major third party in presidential elections.


What role do the primaries play in representing other “parties” and beliefs within the two-party system?


Consider how the media influences political parties and voters, political bias for/against parties, and the role of ideology.


How does fake news and outright lies in the media affect people’s perception of the two political parties?


Review the first few slides of Live Lecture #2 for an examination of the political spectrum.


Remember, ALL major parties have once been third parties just as all large businesses were once small businesses.


What are some of the benefits or problems with having a multi-party system like many other countries?

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