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The arch burger at McDonald’s was a test to try  to attract more adults to the fast food chain. It was considered to have more “sophisticated” ingredients and be made for sophisticated adults. The burger was made with two patties, potato sesame seed bun, leaf lettuce, onions, tomato, and special sauce. Due to the improved ingredients, this made the burger slightly more expensive. McDonalds spent about  $150 million dollars in advertising in order to get this message to the new targeted audience. Unfortunately, the success did not go as planned. 

There are a few reasons why the burger was not a success at the restaurant. One of the reasons is being the burger place is known for targeting a certain group of people, which includes people who want to eat on a budget and families with children. Being that this burger was made for a different type of crowd, it created confusion amongst consumers. People were not willing to buy a more expensive burger from McDonalds. Instead people looking for a more high quality burger will just choose to go to a different establishment. Another reasons would be the conflict in branding. McDonalds aims for the audience of families with kids who are trying to get a affordable meal. This burger created the message of only adults eating this burger. Lastly, the time period the burger was advertised could’ve contributed to it’s failure. In the 1990s, people were not spending a lot of money on burgers. 

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