The individual case analysis will consist of the development of a comprehensive written

case analysis, for which the expectation is that you

(1) identify all important strategic issues,

(2) perform whatever analysis and evaluation is appropriate,

(3) propose an ov erall action plan and set of specific recommendations addressing the issues you have identified. In going through the exercise of “Identify-Ev aluate

-Recommend,” please follow the advice (pp. 8-9) in the handout A Guide to Case Analysis (posted on the course website) as closely as possible. Thus, your case analysis should consist of at least the following three


1. Identification of Strategic Issues and Problems

2. Analysis and Evaluation

3. Recommendations

The three sections

of your report should be numbered and presented separately. Please use the headings above (and other subheadings whenever appropriate).
addition to these three main sections, please include an (unnumbered) Introduction and Conclusion.

Use the comprehensiv e case analysis to demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the various strategy tools introduced in the course. At the same time, though, do not try to apply all of the tools.

Instead, only apply those that are key to ‘solving’ the specific strategy case you have been assigned.

Exceeding the word limit by 10% will be no problem. If you expect your case analysis to be longer than 2200 words, however, please email
your tutor. In general, be as concise as possible.

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