The Management Research Project – M.Sc. Level – Management Consultancy and Organisational Change 


The MRP consists of 2 elements: 


1 The Research Proposal with Literature Review (25% of total marks)

2 The Research Report with a Progressive Learning Review (75% of total marks)



Students to identify, analyse and investigate a work-based problem or issue preferably within their own organisation, using techniques and knowledge from the MSc programme they have enrolled in.

My Choice Organisations:

• A University Alumni Association (in a developing country PREFERABLY or developed country; Pseudonymised?) OR

• London Underground Limited

Choice Topic:

Topic: The impact of enterprise social media on employee outcomes: a case of London Underground or The impact of enterprise social media on University Alumni Association in a developing country or developed country)


Aim: Companies are increasingly investing in so-called enterprise social networking services (ESNS) that are reported to facilitate more effective private communication within organisations. This study attempts to explore the impact of Yammer on knowledge sharing, employee connectivity and decision-making in the context of London Underground. This aim is attained through qualitative and quantitative investigation.


Source: Pee, L. (2018) “Affordances for sharing domain-specific and complex knowledge on enterprise social media”, International Journal of Information Management, 43 (1), pp. 25-37.


The above will ensure a practical focus on a real business issue of importance in either organisations for which I will need to develop suitable recommendations. It will then provide an opportunity to demonstrate value from this M.Sc. course to these organisations, as well as an opportunity to practice and develop my consulting skills.

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