Use the policy you selected from Assignment 2 to research a published study related to your chosen area of focus. Then, prepare an Executive Summary with the following criteria listed for this assignment. 


Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you:

(Note: Refer to Appendix 2: The Executive Summary for explanation of all criterions listed below.)


1. Establish the purpose(s) of the executive summary.


2. Provide the background to the issue.


3. Discuss the results of the research, identifying the models used to obtain the results.


4. Provide available federal data.


5. Discuss appropriate economic predictors.


6. Propose at least three (3) reliable, implementable recommendations.


7. Appropriately incorporate at least four (4) quality sources. A quality source can be either grey literature, such as a news article, or scholarly, such as peer reviewed works. In the case of public administration, government websites are appropriate quality resources. Note: Wikipedia, SparkNotes, and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources.

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