The bulk of the paper will be the review of the literature which should be a synthesis of the information you have learned. This means DO NOT summarize each source individually in a paragraph (that is essentially an annotated bibliography) but synthesize the information so that your material is rich with information and coherent in its narrative flow. The paper should be 17 pages & include 20 scholarly sources, written in APA style.

The title of the thesis is The Correlation Between Genetics and the Predisposition to Substance Abuse, thus the paper should present research that supports this concept.

The paper should also be accompanied by in a Power Point presentation that explains the various sections of the paper. The Power Point should be exactly ten slides in length and accurately describe the content of the paper.

The citation below should be included in the paper and do count towards the 20 source requirement, so you will have to 15 empirical articles since 5 sources have already been provided which adds up to total of 20 sources.

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