Steps for The Collaborative Problem-Solving Method are: Read the topics in the PDF file attached bellow for details.


1- Define the problem in terms of needs, not solution.


2- Brainstorm possible solutions. 


3- Select the solutions that will best meet both parties’ needs and check possible consequences. 


4- Plan who will do what, where, and by when.


5- Implement the plan. 


6- Evaluate the Problem-Solving process and, at a later date, how well the solution turned out.


Pick a problem and follow the steps carefully(Topic of Problem: Social Media Use).Be sure to give background information so anyone reading the assignment would understand what the problem was and the outcome. Don’t forget you need to implement the plan and evaluate the process.  You also need to state if you felt it worked or not? and why it did or did not? Be sure to include what you would change for the next time.




The assignment should be written as if you are writing to your boss. 


Must answer all questions completely and be free from errors.  The assignment should be in the following format:


· 12 pt font


· Double spaced


· Title of assignment


· Background 


· Questions answered


· Additional information you believe is necessary for the assignment


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