Assessment Details The assessment process for this module involves a single coursework submission made up of four equally weighted components. Coursework submission is worth 100% of total marks available for the module and each component is worth 25% of the total. Component Tasks – General Guidelines Students will be issued with a set of four discrete tasks and students must hand in a portfolio of all four tasks together. More than four tasks will be issued (probably six) but you will still be required to submit exactly four tasks, including the rst task which is

Each task is worth 25%, making the portfolio worth 100% in total. The set of four tasks must be submitted as a single MS Word document by 2pm on Monday 18 December 2017 using the Turnitin link provided on Moodle. The document MUST: 1. Include a table of contents 2. Be presented using Arial 12 point as the main font for body text (other fonts and sizes may be used for headings, subheadings, emphasis, etc. 3. Use 1.5 point line spacing Submissions that fail to adhere to these requirements will be penalised

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