Technology Management Paper

Section 1 

– Students will be provided with profiles of employees and their related cost and availability and the anticipated duration of project. They are required, using Belbins theories and strategies to select a Project Team. They are required to critically evaluate the staff profiles and put forward a rationale to support their team selection.

– Put forward an initial estimated Project Cost with critical rationale

– Produce an initial appropriate Network Diagram detailing and explaining the tasks and their dependencies on the Critical Path

– Produce an initial appropriate Gantt Chart


Section 2

Respond to the ‘unexpected’ problems that occur. Students will be provided with a series of problems that affect the proposed project plan. For example, employees experiencing availability problems, changing costs, restructure of project priorities and so on. 

Students are required to detail how they as Project Manager managed the problems experienced and implemented changes, what actions they took and why. 

This will require them to recalculate the project costs and produce an amended Network Diagram, Gantt Chart Critical Path and any other relevant issues that they identify. Each problem should have sufficient underpinning rationale of the solution provided.


Section 3

– Define the development technology used for the Reuse elements of the existing system. 

– Define which Reuse approach is to be used and justify.

– Detail the required sections for a quality manual.

– Schedule Fagan Inspections (6 stages); Factor attendees (3-6: Moderator, Scribe, Reader, Author, Inspector);

– Produce a BPR rationale for the development of a Singaporean customer interface.

– Students are required to present evidence of independent research through references and citations that includes journals and books. Evidence of critical analysis and literature review essential.

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