Technology Briefings section of the Information Systems Today textbook.

Review Question.  Answers each question with At least three complete, grammatically correct sentences.




Foundational Hardware Review Questions

  •                         TB-1. IS hardware is classified into what three major types? 
  •                         TB-2. Describe various methods for entering data into and interacting with a computer. 
  •                         TB-3. How do computers represent data internally? 
  •                         TB-4. Describe the role of a motherboard. 
  •                         TB-5. What determines the speed of a CPU? 
  •                         TB-6.  Compare and contrast the different types of secondary data storage. 
  •                         TB-7. What are output devices? Describe various methods for providing computer output. 

Foundational Software Review Questions

  •                         TB-8. Define the term software and list several software packages and their uses. 
  •                         TB-9. Describe at least four different tasks performed by an operating system. 
  •                         TB-10. Describe the similarities and differences between at least two major operating systems in use today. 
  •                         TB-11. Name and describe four functions of utility programs. 
  •                         TB-12. Name and describe the five important concepts of object-oriented programming. 
  •                         TB-13.  What is HTML, and why is it important? 
  •                         TB-14. Describe various options for adding dynamic content to a web page. 
  •                         TB-15. What is CASE, and how can it help in the development of information systems? 

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