Take a position on the issues you identified based on observations you have made from your research.  In other words, specify whether the issue is favorable or unfavorable for the company.  After you have taken a position on each of the three issues and supported each of them with three talking points, conclude your paper with an opinion paragraph as to whether you would or would not invest in this company and explain why in that paragraph.


Your opinions must refer to or be related to the items noted in the previous two sections.


You must take a position on the three issues you identified in section 2 and identify the position as favorable or unfavorable toward the company.


You must support you position in a separate paragraph for each of the 3 issues.


You must provide 3 talking points to support your position on favorability (favorable or unfavorable).


In your conclusion state whether you would or would not invest in this company and why.


This section must be at least 2 pages in length.


Company 1: Eastman Chemical


Company 2:Johnson and Johnson



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