The purpose of my research paper will be to analyze the Syrian Civil War through a realist lens. My paper would do so by questioning the ethnic cohesion of the Syrian people and the role ethnicity has been playing. I will look first at some historical sources to lay the foundation for a clearer understanding of the conflict and then apply the theory of realism into the structure of the paper.
Introduction: How Syria came to be, who the ethnicities are, what is the tension between them, who composed Syria the way it is today. How colonialism played a role in how Syria works today. End with how the Alawi’s came to rule Syria.

Then get 5 pieces of literature, articles or books, analyze the article, then analyze the article with the realist lens

This is only the first part of a 25 page paper, so go in depth with the articles you choose and try not to summarize, but instead analyze and connect with global relations, balance of power and other realist theory objectives.

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