Swift’s “A Modest Proposal

Project description
One of your classmates asked what he should write about in his journal. Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” may seem intimidating, but you could certainly write about it. Below are some suggestions, but you might have your own take. Or you could write about the chapter reading this week, which is nowhere near as interesting as Swift! Suggestions:

What is the speaker in Swift’s piece literally proposing?

You could offer a different, real, proposal to the “problem” as it is outlined in the piece. You can use modern ideas.
You could compare/contrast this “modest” proposal with other proposals or schemes you have read about in the news or learned about in world or local history.
Swift writes his satire as a proposal. He could’ve selected another genre, like documentation (instructions, guidelines).

You might show what might be lost/gained if Swift had instead written documentation.
How does the “modest” proposal meet and not meet the criteria or standards of a “real” proposal?

You could evaluate Swift’s piece against criteria in your textbook for a proposal.
You could write about how the speaker manages to sound calm and reasonable in the drastic proposal.
A journal is just one page. As always, good luck with your writing.

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