Type: Case study

Subject: Sociology


Style: APA

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Part 1:

  1. Pose a research question and develop two research hypotheses on a topic of your choice.
  2. Define the concepts used in your research question and/ or hypotheses. Use sociological literature to substantiate your definitions. Add a reference list of the literature used at the end of the assignment. use APA style.
  3. Describe your target population.
  4. Propose a sampling strategy. Justify your choice, and explain why other option are not feasible choices in addressing your research question.
  5. Develop at least 10 survey questions addressing your hypotheses. Make sure your survey questions are developed as tools to test the research hypotheses. Further, make sure you have at least 3 survey questions that result in nominal variables, 3 survey questions that result in ordinal variables, and 3 survey questions that result in interval-ratio variables. You’ll be graded based on the quality of the survey question as well as on how adequately the survey questions address your re

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