The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your 1) knowledge and understanding of psychological theories and concepts – stress and happiness; 2) ability to interpret and analyze empirical data related to these concepts; and 3) apply what you have learned.

For this assignment, you will be using data collected in class on levels of Stress and Happiness, your text, and videos.


1. Take the Stress and Happiness Survey

2. Calculate your stress and happiness mean (average) scores. Record them.

3. Compare your scores to the rest of the class. What are the findings for the class? What are the similarities and/or differences?

4. Compare the scores of males and females. What are the similarities and/or differences?

5. Draw a bar graph, line chart, or pie chart illustrating the different findings for you and the class, and for males and females.

6. Why do you think there are similarities or differences between a) your scores and the rest of the class; b) males and females?



Watch the video: The Surprising Science of Happiness Dan Gilbert – TED Talk, April 26, 2012

Address the following in an essay:

1. Describe the video that you watched. What were the main points? Do you agree or disagree with the information? Why or why not?

2. Suggest a program of stress relief and/or ways to increase happiness for yourself and the class. Include evidence from the video and your readings in your suggested plan.

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