Discuss how the components of the Strategic Management Model  work together to create value for the organization

what are the best ways for organizations to create a mission statement?

What is “managerial opportunism”? Discuss any experience you have seen of this in your own professional experience.

Discuss ways you may have seen “managerial opportunism” in your own professional experience.  What could have helped to prevent this problem?

What assumptions do owners of the corporation make about managers as agents?  How can this “manager as agent” relationship be strengthened?

Discuss the role of leadership in shaping an effective organizational culture. How have you seen this in action in your own careers and professional experiences?

As a strategic planner, what actions could you take to establish and emphasize ethical practices in your firm?

What role does ethics and social responsibility have in the formulation of an organization’s vision and mission? What is their value in the strategic management process?

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