The Disaster Recovery Plan should be tested from time to time using scheduled mock drills. A drill usually will not affect active operations; however, if it is known that operations will be affected, the drill should be carefully scheduled such that the effect is minimal and is done during a permissible window. These activities should be regarded similarly to regular equipment maintenance activities that require operations downtime. The experience of the mock drill should be updated into the Disaster Recovery Plan document.


Directions: Prepare a document that specifies the procedures for testing your Disaster Recovery plan. This document may include such as test scenarios, actions required, action items, walkthrough checklists, simulation checklists, and much more.


In your document, make sure to:


  • Specify the procedures for testing the DR. You may need to search the public web for ideas on DR Plan testing using a search engine like Google or Bing.
  • Identify why these procedures are necessary.
  • Make any revisions necessary to your DR Plan from previous submissions. This should be a total and complete Disaster Recovery Plan that you submit for this assignment. If you need assistance with your format, perform a web-based search for a Disaster Recovery Plan template using a search engine like Google or Bing to help you determine what the plan will look like in its final form.
  • Use proper APA citation where research is required.

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