week 1

  • From the scenarios, Chris stated that there are many factors to consider related to starting a business. Discuss the key factors for consideration, and explain why you believe these considerations are important for Chris and Erica’s vision for their restaurant business.
  • From the case study, identify three (3) factors that contributed to the failure of Hostess Brands, Inc. and discuss what management could have done to address these issues.

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week 2

  • From the scenarios, Lena explained to Chris and Erica that they need to determine how the surrounding restaurants in their selected location can impact their business. Suggest key steps they should take to make this determination, and recommend at least three strategies they can use to differentiate their business from the other restaurants.
  • From the case study, discuss two (2) major factors that contributed to the failure of the Borders chain, and suggest how those factors could have been avoided.
week 3


  • From the scenarios, Erica and Chris have determined their weaknesses after performing a SWOT analysis. However, they have yet to identify opportunities for their business. Determine two potential opportunities specific to their restaurant’s business environment, and discuss how the partners can take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Discuss a situation where you were influenced by an infomercial, attractive packaging, and a discount flyer to purchase a product, and explain why you think the promotional method made such an impact on you.

week 4

  • * From the scenarios, we see that Chris and Erica have different communication styles that could potentially have a negative impact on the business. Suggest at least two strategies that these partners can use to improve on these weaknesses, and explain why you believe these strategies would be effective for running the business.
  • From the e-Activity, briefly describe your results from the communication skills quiz. Describe the areas where you see yourself lacking or needing improvement as a communicator, and suggest steps you could take to improve or fill a void
week 5
  • From the scenarios, Chris and Erica are facing some human resource challenges. Erica believes the staff should be involved in creating the work schedule so they will be more motivated and satisfied. Discuss three reasons why employees should be involved in some decision-making activities, and explain how employee satisfaction could benefit the business.
  • Workplace discrimination comes in different forms. Describe a situation where you felt that your manager’s actions were discriminatory, and suggest how the manager should have proceeded.

week 6

  • * From the scenarios, Chris and Erica are faced with efficiency challenges at the café. Explain how these challenges could potentially harm the business, and suggest a brief plan to improve on efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • From the case study, discuss Walmart’s distribution strategy, and explain two (2) key ways in which this strategy has helped Walmart gain a competitive advantage.
week 7


  • From the scenarios, upon reviewing their financial statement, Erica and Chris determined that the restaurant is not as profitable as they thought mainly because of overages related to labor cost. Discuss the proposed ways to reduce labor costs that Lena recommended, and explain why you believe the two (2) suggested approaches would be effective in resolving the problem.
  • From the case study, discuss three (3) approaches you would use to fund a startup business. Consider the disadvantages and explain why you think your plan would be effective.

week 8

  • From the scenarios, Chris and Erica are having problems assigning managerial responsibilities. Suggest at least three (3) ways in which they could effectively address these problems, and explain why you believe your suggested approaches are appropriate.
  • Suggest three (3) actions that organizations can take in order to foster employee motivation, and explain why you believe these steps are effective.
week 9
  • * From the scenarios, Chris and Erica find themselves facing an ethical dilemma regarding an employee’s unauthorized activities. Assuming you were in their position, discuss how you would address the problem to ensure that your final decision is fair and balanced, and explain why it is important to use balanced criteria for ethical decision making.
  • From the case study, determine who should be held accountable for the unethical activities at GlaxoSmithKline, and explain your response.

week 10

  • From the scenarios, Chris and Erica are considering different options for business expansion, and one of the considerations is to venture into the global market. Discuss two strategies that they can use to enter the global market, and explain why these approaches would be appropriate and beneficial to the business.
  • From the case study, discuss why it was necessary for McDonald’s to adjust its global business strategy, and explain whether or not you believe this approach is a sound one. Provide a rationale for your response.

week 11

  • * From the scenarios, discuss two (2) business challenges you identified from Chris and Erica’s weekly scenarios, and suggest how you would effectively address these issues.
  • Discuss three (3) reasons why some businesses fail, and suggest how business owners should address these issues in order to avoid pitfalls.

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