Focus Paper Instructions: Weekly papers are research papers that focus on each aspect of personnel selection and evaluation we are reviewing for the week. The Focus Papers topics will be provided, and correlate to the term objectives. Refer to the course schedule for the topics covered during each week. Each Microsoft Word (.docx file extension) paper should be between 750-1000 words, should include a mix of references (including scholarly publications, not just the textbook for the course) and be formatted according to APA standards with proper citations (unless otherwise noted in the instructions for each week).


Determining which HR staffing metrics to measure and report upon, will depend on the organizations goals. Your assignment is to choose two important staffing metrics that are industry standards (and can be implemented or used across multiple industries i.e. time to fill). Why would an organization want to have this data? How can you act upon this data to enhance hiring processes, retention strategies, etc.?

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