Both Cunningham and Spaaj et al. suggest that racial minority athletes, regardless of their success on the field or court, are often the victims of racial vilification by society. The three stories that were assigned to view demonstrate the magnitude of the problem. For this response, craft a 250-word essay that could serve as a short news story appearing in a public outlet (e.g., USA Today) that describes the magnitude of the problem. In your essay, be sure to include the following insights for your reader: a) Define the term racial vilification in your own words (using insights from Spaaj). b) Briefly outline THREE specific examples of the practice of the racial vilification of athletes from the stories you viewed during this module. c) Provide at least one direct quote from the LeBron James interview you viewed that outlines how these types of behaviors in sports reveals the level of racism that still exists in our society. d) Close your essay by providing your opinion of what can be done to address this issue. (10 points; 250 word minimum)


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