Spend some time with Henry David Thoreau and/or Howard Zinn’s ideas by writing a 2 page (typed, double spaced) journal entry.  Take a look at the world and see if you are horrified.  To do this, you need only go online and read the news.  What events have happened lately (or ever, for that matter) that might substantiate Zinn’s idea that blind obedience to the rule of law has terrible results?


Another possible question to consider:


If the rule of law has maximized injustice, and civil disobedience is justifiable, how can one act in a civilly disobedient way and change anything?  One can argue that Thoreau’s refusal to pay the poll tax did not directly end slavery or the US-Mexican War, so how can one justify protests and rebellious actions?  What might be a different, more effective action to take?


Address any question or idea from Thoreau or Zinn.  There’s a large possibility of things to write on in these different sources, so see what you can come up with.  Do not merely summarize Thoreau or Zinn; wrestle with their ideas and respond to them.


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