Suppose you are a new school counselor in an elementary school. You have been asked by a teacher to observe Jake, one of the students in her fourth-grade classroom. The teacher indicates that Jake’s behavior is having a negative impact on the other students’ ability to learn. Jake is consistently creating disruptions in her class. On many occasions he has become very agitated when he has to work on projects with other students. The teacher believes that Jake’s inability to get along with others has worsened in the past two weeks.

You decide to review Jake’s educational records prior to your classroom visit. You discover that he is currently receiving special education services, and has been since the first grade.

Answer the following:
-What is your role, as the school counselor, when you visit the classroom?
-What other relevant information would you want to gather from Jake’s records?
-If you were attending Jake’s IEP meeting, what three goals would you want to see included in his IEP?
-How would you work with Jake? What preventative or intervention methods would you consider?
-What other stakeholders could you involve?

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