Some historians argue that the Spanish-American and Philippines Wars marked the emergence of U.S. imperialism. Others argue that the U.S. acted as an imperial power throughout the nineteenth century.

Some deny that the U.S. expansionism has ever constituted imperialism. Discuss your position on this matter. Include a discussion of the relationship between American ideals of liberty and democracy, on the one hand, and American expansionism on the other, and consider the effects of U.S. policies toward Native American tribes, Cuba, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico.

Guidelines to follow

Essay should demonstrate your familiarity with the text book “Give me Liberty, An American History” 3rd Edition – Eric Foner – and they should reflect your critical thinking about the questions. Be sure to provide specific examples to support your points. Each essay should be around 750 words. Cite page numbers from the textbook (Foner 603) as well as any other sources that you use.

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