Solutions regarding Google Glass privacy issues

Project description
Choose a controversial topic in today’s world and write an argumentation paper about the topics. One way to think about it would be to present an original claim about a topic OR a solution for a real world problem. The research paper should include background to your topic and arguments surrounding your topics as well as present a clear and focused analysis of how the reader should consider or reconsider the issue.

-Quote form at least 4 sources, two of which must be scholarly (no block quotes longer than 3 lines)
-Introduction that introduces the source with author’s name and title and includes a brief summary of the main point of each source
-End introduction with a thesis that’s an original claim that guides the paper
-Start body paragraph with a topic sentence that’s an original claim and relates to the thesis
-Make connections between sources – best way to do this is have two quotes in a body paragraph, each from a different author
-All body paragraph must have quote in them
-Include transition between paragraphs
-A conclusion that wraps up the point and shows how people should think or act differently now that they’ve read this essay.
-Cite all the source that is being use
-Have an MLA works cited

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