Sociology race and ethnicity & gender and Age
Project description
Also, in your analysis of these sensitive topics, student must incorporate elements of the text. This means that students should incorporate definitions or direct quotes from the text. Support your view with information from the text. This should be done with APA citation.

Students who don’t incorporate the text into their answers and just share a personal narrative will receive a lower grade.

Chapter 9

Is there too much attention given to black–white issues in the United States, or is the current amount of attention given to these issues needed to ensure that racial discrimination against African Americans does not get “swept under the rug?” Either way, how might other racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S., such as Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americas, be getting “left out of the picture,” and what can be done to ensure their needs and/or grievances are equally addressed?

Chapter 10

As a nation, we are faced with a serious dilemma in the United States over financing Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid while, at the same time, advances in medicine are prolonging life. Research with gene manipulation shows promise of extending life significantly beyond current mortality tables. Hence, the Methuselah problem: extending life while financing it at the same time. Should we extend life when we are already experiencing problems caring for the elderly? Should we eliminate retirement or raise the age of retirement? If we do either, would that then create more of a job shortage for younger workers? If so, would we then need to expand government support to the unemployed? At what cost?

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