# 8. A Special assignment outside the class: Market Research day is November 8 and the write-up is due on Nov. 10. For this special assignment, NO late paper will be accepted. **
Go to your local grocery store. Walk down the aisles to document “specialty”/”ethnic” categories of food. As you take field notes, provide a working definition(s) of “specialty” and/or “ethnic” food. Look for evidences of cultural stereotyping and ethnic-specific themes. List food items (be categories or physical arrangements at the store). If possible, attach a picture(s) of aisles/items.
Write up your market research experience by including the following observations: a) what was your reaction when you first noticed different types of “specialty”/”ethnic” foods in the store? B) Are some “specialty”/”ethnic” food groups more representative than others? C) What are the most common types/categories of “ethnic” foods? and d) discuss what you’ve learned from this exercise.
** For submitting this market research notes, please, follow the same instructions for wiring assignments. The list of food categories and/or pictures will NOT be counted as part of the required 3-page length of assignment.

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