Sociological Theories Application Paper:


Directions: The field of Sociology has well developed theoretical frameworks that help us understand the inherent challenges and issues impacting our local, national and/or global society. These sociological theories include: 1) Theories of Culture; 2) Theories of Sexuality; and 3) Stratification: Social-Conflict theories. Choosing from one of these three groups of theories and the associated topics listed at the end of the rubric, your assignment is to carefully review and discuss the merits of the theory and apply it to a contemporary issue that is currently or very recently (within the past 2 years) been of concern to our society. Specifically, in addition to explaining the basis of the theory you have identified, you will also select and discuss two local, national or international newspaper articles that focuses on the concerns relevant to a topic related to any one of the Sociological theories you selected being careful to educate the reader on the direct applicability of the newspaper article to the theory you choose to review. Your two to two and one half page paper should address the following items listed in the rubric below:


 1. The name of the Sociological theory and why you believe it is relevant and important to discuss .


 2. A clearly defined explanation of the merits of the theory being sure to help the reader understand the fundamental principles inherent to the theory. 


3. Selection and thorough written review of two credible newspaper or news magazine articles that clearly illustrates the issues fundamental to the theory you selected. Your discussion of the merits of the newspaper articles should include the following: 


a. Name of the newspaper or news magazine articles selected for review including the name of the articles, authors, dates and years of publication 


 b. A thorough discussion of 5 key issues addressed by the newspaper or news magazine articles you choose and how you believe the content of the articles clearly reflects the fundamentals of the Sociological theory you choose to focus your paper 


 c. Your paper is at least 2 pages to 2.5 pages in length; double spaced with 12 font typewritten characters 


d. Grammar, punctuation, word selection & level of sophistication of article and your written essay


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