1. What theories and intervention strategies are currently used to treat homeless person with substance abuse ?

2. What research evidence is available that supports  the effectiveness of the current practices and policies to ameliorate homelessness in New York?

3. What legislation or policies have been enacted or created to address the homeless problem and condition?

4. What policy change or new program would you suggest for ameliorating this problem? What is the feasibility of this change given the current social, economic and political context?

5. How would this change/program be implemented? (eligibility requirement, type of assistance given, type of organization and staff utilized)

6. What theory supports or informs your suggested program/policy change?

7. What specific roles will social workers play in the implementation of the program or policy you are proposing?

8. What are some preliminary ways social workers and/or others will monitor the effectiveness of the new policy or program?


Paper must be Times New Roman, double space, 1 inch margins, 6 pages not including reference page. The paper, citations, and references must be formatted in APA style. Must contain reputable references, scholarly related to the disease background/population related to the topic, including references related to legislation or policy.  Must have 8 to 10 references 

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