The purpose of this assessment is to apply your understanding of Social Impact Assessment (SIA) in cross-cultural settings, and the principles and practices of using negotiated approaches, to a research-based case study essay. You will present evidence to report on an example relevant to the topic. The target is to produce work of publishable quality.

Write a case study based essay that addresses the question: What is the value of SIA, or related negotiated approaches to social change, in addressing the needs of diverse populations? Illustrate your argument with reference to a case study.
Choose an appropriate case study:
• Something that is well documented
• A single SIA study or a comparative case study of how an issue has been address in SIA
• A decision making context where SIA could have been applied
• You can choose the case study from website or from the folder that be uploaded
A research-based essay should:
• Identify and analyse documents and other material (media, government documents, NGO documents) on a topic
• Include academic and grey literature
• Descriptive and analytical

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