Briefly describe the organization you have chosen for your Sustainability in Organizations term project. From your readings this week and in Table 1 in the article for week 5 (“Social Sustainability Assessment”), identify potential impact categories you might include (and why) in your social sustainability review for your organization.

My term project is “Target”.
Social Sustainability Indicator List

Course material I would use in my project (about target):

Emerging Principles of Social Sustainability (Reading from week 1)
Sustainability Science Practice Policy (Reading from week 3)
Social Sustainability Assessment (Reading from week 5) (Website from week 5)

I chose these course material for my social sustainability indicator because it is useful to compare the sustainability principles and policy with Target’s accomplishment in order to to know how well Target contributes to sustainability.

Try to find out of class sources are useful to know what did Target do for maintaining sustainability, and the views of the public about Target’s program and strategies about sustainability.

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