Subject Sociology

Topic     Soc 340 – final

Type      Essay

Level     High School

Style      APA

Sources                as possible as you can

Language             English(U.S.)


Woven throughout this course are four central concepts: context, power, opportunity and choice. Thinking back on all the material we have covered, I hope you can see the importance of each of these concepts in understanding deviant behavior.


In this essay, you should think deeply about both the deviance and the efforts at social control chronicled in the examples offered in class materials. Your argument should make use of theories, concepts, and readings from the entire class (including conflict, labeling, and critical theories) and films, websites, and blogs assigned throughout the quarter. Your essay/exam should respond to each of the bulleted questions below.


Using the films Cheaters, The Interrupters, and The Released as case studies:


%u043F%u201A§             Discuss which theory you think is most helpful in explaining the causes of deviance in at least one of these films; use specific points from the readings and connect them to specific evidence/examples from the film to support your claims.

%u043F%u201A§             Using a different film as your focus, discuss the reactions to the deviance in that particular case. Which theory best helps us to understand these reactions? How well do you think the theory fits the cases? Use evidence from the readings and the film to support your points.

%u043F%u201A§             Consider what ultimately happens to the men in The Released. Which theory/perspective do you think best explains these outcomes? Explain your reasoning.

%u043F%u201A§             Finally, based upon the evidence from these films and Makes Me Wanna Holler and your understanding of the theories, draw some general conclusions about deviant behavior and social control. What do you know now that you did not now before you took this course?


The best papers will pull ideas and evidence from the textbook, the McCall book, and the films together into a coherent argument and a clear essay. Make notes. Write a draft. Think about it. Revise. Think some more. Revise again. Proofread carefully. In the end, turn in a final essay that you are proud of.


You must do independent thinking and writing on this essay exam. Essays should be typed using standard fonts and margins, double-spaced, edited, and spell-checked. They should be no longer than 6 pages. Essays exams are due by Monday, March 20th by 5:00pm. No late essays will be accepted.

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