The sky is blue to us due to ________ scattering, which states that the smaller wavelength, the more that wavelength gets scattered in our atmosphere. Because blue light has the shortest wavelength of energy of all visible light, it is the scattered blue light that our eyes see when we look up at the sky.
Aerosols from the Mount Pinatubo eruption caused the earth to warm almost 1 degree Fahrenheit true/false
In terms of albedo, ___ percent of all the energy coming from the sun to the earth gets reflected directly back out into space
It takes more energy to heat and cool land than it does water true/false
How many degrees of Fahrenheit is 10 degrees of Celsius?
You want to hike the Appalachian Mountains in Cumberland. These mountains have an elevation of about 3,000 feet. However, you have decided that if the temperature at the top of the mountain is going to be below freezing, you are not going. If it is 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Towson, will you go on your hike (yes/no)? Hint… You need to know the melting point of ice. You need to know the Normal Lapse Rate
Temperatures are fairly constant at the***************** equator/poles) and become more extreme as one moves closer to the ************(equator/poles)
Clouds ****** (raise/lower) daily maximum temperatures and*********(raise/lower) daily minimum temperatures
If you do not like extreme temperature ranges, you would not want to live in Siberia.true/false
What hemisphere (northern or southern) would be considered to have a maritime climate?
We just got a snow and ice storm that brought a pressure reading of 920mb. Would we consider this low or high pressure
What kind of wind forms when the coriolis force balances the pressure gradient force, causing wind to flow parallel to isobars?
The ********* jet stream is responsible for our winter weather here in Maryland while the******** is responsible for our summer weather here in maryland

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