The proposal must be 250- 300 words. Write a Proposal that states 1- what research question you will be asking and 2- why you think this question/ topic needs to be asked/ explored.
Proposal should include 
1. Statement detailing what you will examine. Use phrase like: 
I am trying to learn about.. I want to investigate.. I want to find out how/why/wheter/what.. I want to understand 
2. Explanation of why researching this topic/ question is important.
3. Answer to some ( not necessarily all) of the following question. What are additional questions that most interest you and might help discover the answers to your research question. What theory or hypothesis about your topic are you testing. What if any prior beliefs, assumptions preconceptions, ideas or prejudice do you bring to this project. What personal experience May have shaped the way you feel? Before you begin developing working knowledge on topic what were you thinking about It? What are you thinking about now?

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