This short writing is expected to be in your words or paraphrasing of other resources. The use of direct phrases and sentences from resources, even with quotes and in-text citation, is not encouraged, but accepted if appropriately cited.  When saving, use your last name at the beginning of the file name.

Remember to use the written paper guidelines: Name, course, and date. Use 1″ margins, double spacing, font size 12 and a sans-serif font, such as Arial, Tahoma, or Verdana. Apply the Four-C’s of writing: Correct, complete, clear, and concise.  Need a brief refresher?  The 4 C’s(PowerPoint in PDF)

Short Writing:  Extended Learning Module B: Read the Module and response to Short-answer Questions (pg. 367) 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8.

This paper will be less than one page.  Longer does not equal better.  This assignment has 15 possible points.

Extended Learning Module B Exercise: Web 2.0 Technology

Using the Internet, search for a specific video, audio, traning piece, etc. that is using a Web 2.0 technology that could be used as supplemental to the content in Chapter 1 or 2 of the textbook.  Or find an item that describes or explains Web 2.0. An article is normally not a Web 2.0 technology; however, an article posted that allows for interaction via comments is implementing a Web 2.0 technology.  Add this information at the bottom of the paper with Short Answers.  Write a shortparagraph in your own words explaining why it would be a usable source and provide the URL.

Submit your document(s) to the Dropbox for Week 2.

The writing assignment (Module B questions) and the Exercise: Web 2.0 Technology can be put in one document. Please use Word’s page break (found under Insert) to begin on a new page.

This Exercise has 15 possible points.


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