The Company we selected is APPLE.


The ERP package we choose for apple is Priority Software.


You need to write only one thing——the users for the apple’s ERP package——Priority Software.


The due date is Today, Sep 3rd, 11:00am.


You need to search resourses online and find out who use Priority Software.


Below is the prompt of the whole essay, but you only need to do the users part. I will bold and underline that part you need to do. In order to make you understand this essay better, I put up the whole promot, and you need to write at least 500 words:


Part1:As you do not have inside information on the company I will allow you some leeway in creating a realistic scenario for this company based on existing information available on internet, in annua financial reports(10K)


ii)Current Informational Technology environment, in cluding: IT platform used (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc.)and some basic information on IT department (again I will allow some leeway as long asit is reasonable information).


iii)Your team will then identify an information system need for this Company and find an EXISTING real world IT application to propose to the Company for purchase and implementation. 


Part 2:Project Overview Document (100points –overview of point distribution on CANVAS)A strategic 




describe company and recommended system implementation (this should incorporate the summary document submitted in part I)


2)Business process flowsto be handled by system


3)System flowchart for transactions processed for one of systems in item #2


4)Data Overview


a.What types of data will be processed by the system?


l Manual input, electronic, etc.


b.What types of devices will be needed to process the respective types of data?


l Keyboards, scanners, RFID’s, etc.


5)Controls Requirements system controls that should be enforced:


a.Passwords, role based security for system enforced segregation of duties, module 


l based security, approval limits and configuration settings


b.Identify the risks these recommended controls will address.




a.Describe departments and users within those departments that will have/need access to the system


l Accounting, Purchasing, Inventory, Payroll, Human Resources, Sales Department, etc

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