Related Learning Outcomes
This assignment will cover 2 of the five Learning Outcomes. These are
Article – “Key Success Factors and Barriers for Small Businesses: Comparative Analysis”
Students will refer books, Review this article, websites working papers and write answers to the questions.
1. To increase students’ knowledge of global business issues/barriers and their trends and to improve their critical writing skills
2. To provide the knowledge of academic research journals and their abstract, research problems, methodology, analysis, conclusion and referencing.
3. To aid an independent critical reading and learning process.
Review Question
1. Illustrate the issues and implementation challenges/barriers addressed by the authors in the field of small business in Europe. (CLO: 1)
2. Has the author formulated a research problem? Explore the major problems discussed in the article. (CLO: 1)
3. What are the objectives of this research? Does the research achieve the objective systematically and scientifically, if so how? (CLO: 1)
4. Justify the ‘‘Small business’ and ‘Decentralization of economic power’ as narrated by the authors. (CLO: 1)
5. Explore the outcome of indices of Eurostat as mentioned by the authors with respective measures and statistical tools used in this article. (CLO: 3)
6. How does this study relate to improve your career and professional development? (CLO: 3)

Evaluation criteria for Reading Review Marks Allotted
Introduction 1
Question -1 2
Question -2 1
Question -3 2
Question -4 1
Question -5 1
Question -6 1
Conclusion- 1
Total 10

Submission Instructions:
a. An APA style referencing need to be attached to show the references to the contents utilized for the assignment support
d. The assignment should follow a neat report style with a title page, contents, introduction, discussion and a closing paragraph as conclusion.
e. The assignment need to be typed and must have minimum of 800 words.

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